Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party gift

My DD had a couple of birthday parties last weekend. And to be truthful, I just didn't have cash to buy gifts. However, what I did have was some old jeans. And a sewing machine. (That every time we move, my husband asks me if we can get rid of...) And stamps. And Stayz-On ink. Not to mention, I had some rhinestones and a little heat applicator. What does that mean? This.....

This is only one of the fancy little denim purses I made. I made the purse out of one of the legs of some old jeans. Afer that I stamped the image with Stayz-on ink. (this dragonfly image is from Basic Grey out of their Wisteria line. yum!) I then used a little heat applicator wand to apply all those nail heads and rhinestones. My DD got to pick the stamps for each of the gifts she gave. Of course, she also talked Mommy into making her one too! Now, as soon as I can hook up with some more old jeans, I am going to make myself one. Mine, however, will have to be a bit bigger. Of course, that has nothing at all to do with the fact that I have to carry all my junk and everyone else's too. In that case...maybe I ought to make mine about the size of a suitcase. Just think of all the stamping I would have room for!

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cjknick said...

This is super cute, Angie! Glad I found your blog (through Lila's). I'll be visiting you now.

Cindy in Boise