Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun little project.

Well Peeps, I did spend the whole afternoon scrapping, stamping and cardmaking yesterday. I did so much, in fact, that I had a cramp in my shoulder for an hour. (insert violins and sniffles here.) However, I didn't get photos taken. So that will be a job for this afternoon. I will whip out that camera and snap a few shots!
However, this is a little project I did for my submission for the Bind It All design team. I didn't make the team, but sure had fun trying. (insert more sniffles and violins. Oh....and please hand me a kleenex.) Okay. Anywhoooo..... I covered four rectangles and the bottom in lovely floral paper by American Crafts. I then used the BIA to punch the rectangles around three sides of each piece and all four sides of the bottom. (that you can't see in this photo.) I lashed the pieces together, doing the bottom piece last. I then had an open topped box. I used my Goosebumps 4x8 alpha plate (from Quikutz) to die cut the letters and ran them through the Xyron "X" to put the adhesive on them. (If any of you work with small embellishments or die cuts or ribbon, the X is a must!!! It puts an even coating of adhesive on the back of anything that will fit in the 1 inch mouth of the machine.) After all that, I added a few floral embellishments and the pen/pencil holder was ready to use!
Okay, Peeps. Hope that was an inspiring little project. Maybe you know someone who could use a gift like that for the holidays. The size could be changed and it could make a great candy holder. Peppermints or peppermints sticks for Christmas (it would look FAB in green and red) or covered with beautiful autumn paper for butterscotch candy for Thanksgiving. It would also make a cute open-topped gift box for a special "someone". Enjoy your fall weather and have a great week!


Kim Ross said...

Wow, stamped until you cramped? I always get my cramp in my finger... must be holding the stamps wrong. Come to think of it, I haven't cramped since I got the Stamp Press. Yippee! :) Cute pencil container, BTW!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! :) What a fabulous idea!!

Amanda said...

Hi Angie!

Just wanted to stop in and say thank-you for the sweet comment/email you sent. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers - thank you so much.

I am sitting here in this wonderful hospital bed wishing I had my scrapbooking stash to keep my mind off everything! :)

Very cute project by the way! You are so creative with your minibooks and projects, a true inspiration.

Hopefully I will be back on my feet soon and I will come by to see you all at the store!

Take Care,