Monday, October 20, 2008

Pop your top!

While looking through Paper Crafts Magazine recently, I noticed that Kim Kesti made the cutest little Matryoshka Doll gift card holder. I however, didn't actually think about making it until I realized that I could do the same thing with a different subject. My DS LOVES it was one of the firsts things that popped into my little brain. I tried to download the template off their website, but it wasn't posted yet. However, not one to give up easily...after several "versions", I came up with my own. Here is a picture of the penguin with his head popped off. The gift card is hidden inside! You just pull his head off and that secret is hidden inside. (kinda' like brains. Or not.) The possibilities are endless. You could make him wearing a Santa hat and holding holly. He could hold a small Christmas tree. The penguin could be made out of patterned paper also.

I used my Nestabilities to cut two circles for his belly out of black cardtock. (You will want to adhere them carefully together around the outside edges, leaving a space for the gift card to slide in.)Then I also cut a smaller circle out of white for the contrasting part of his belly. I will admit that I drew the head, (which is two pieces stuck together with adhesive around the edges) the feet, the flippers and the beak, freehand. I also used my Chestnut Roan Cateye ink around the edges of feet and beak, white ink around the penguin body and pink ink around the edge of his white belly. The gift you can make out of any little scrap. The bow was a Cuttlebug die of a flower that I cut in half.

I will admit that I tinkered with several versions before getting one I was happy with. I also want to try making a snowman and a santa gift card holder. If you come up with one I would love to see it!!! Just leave a comment and put your blog or a link to it so I can rush over and see it! I hope you are inspired by this little project.

I must tell you that I am entrenched in working on Christmas gifts now. I knew if I didn't start early that I would never get done. I work on them as I have time...thus it is a painfully slow process! LOL! Every time I go to Archiver's I see more and more things that I think would make great gifts. Hopefully, you will be seeing some of those posted here in the near future!

Thanks for checking in and seeing what is new! If you have any inspiring projects, don't hesitate to leave me a link! Have a rockin' good week, Peeps! Oh...and if the election isn't enough to scare ya' is another fact: Only NINE more Saturdays until Christmas.


WJ said...

I LOVE your penguin!!! I just happen to be a collector of penguins. I like your blog.
See you at the store...where you can "enable" my habit.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This is too stinkin' CUTE girl!! Of course, I collect them as well!! :) TFS!!