Friday, August 21, 2009

Been away so long...

Well, a lot of stuff has happened since I have blogged the last time. As for my absence, I apologize!! Here is a highlight of the last several weeks:

1. My husband's family had a "reunion" camping trip. (With four brothers and a sister and their families and his parents.) I had to stay home and work. However, DH did bring a lovely gift home for me. Besides the dirty laundry. He was ill when he returned home. How is that a gift for me? Well...this virus kept on giving. And giving. And giving. All night long. Lovely.

2. My kids started brick and mortar school. A week-and-a-half ago. This is how my fourth grader and my second grader looked in the morning of the first day of school.

And here is how my second grader looked on the afternoon of that first day of school. (Pictured with adoring Daddy, of course.) Please notice the pale, sickly skin tone. The school nurse called us not long after lunch saying he was in her office. Throwing up. The stomach virus just keeps on giving.Well, he was plenty sick. Until bedtime. Then he slept like a rock. I, being the very dutiful mommy, slept beside him on the sofa bed in the living room. Or at least I tried to sleep. Until I got the stomach virus that kept on giving. And giving, and giving. Every hour it gave. And the next morning???? Well, I felt like I had been pulled through a knothole backwards. And pushed back through. (Do ya' get the idea???)

So three out of the four of us got this lovely virus. Now, hopefully, DD has avoided it and we will not see it again. Ever.

3. I have worked a lot of hours. Great for the paycheck, but I haven't been home much to "monitor" the things that need to be done. I have laundry piles the size of Mt. Whitney.

4. I made an appearance on the local noon-day show to help promote a non-profit here in the area where we live.

5. I have been working on scrapbook projects too. I even have new photos taken and edited. However, you will have to return another day to see them. That is for another post. I wouldn't want to send you into shock over my prepared-ness.

6. For all you golf lovers out there...I met Johnny Miller (PGA golfer and golf telecaster) at a fundraising event for the same non-profit I was on t.v. for. My kids thought that was just pretty cool...especially since they got to meet him too!

The kiddos love school and after fighting a mental and spiritual battle last spring while we were agonizing over the decision to put the kids in brick-and-mortar school....this seems to have been a great choice. I am picking up some day shifts at work which allows me to be home more evenings and still get work hours in. I am still looking at a full-time job somewhere, but those are hard to find right now. We simply keep trusting in God that He has it all planned out and is making the way for us. And I am enjoying the freedom I have while the kiddos are in school. After schooling at home for four years, it is rather an odd adjustment!

Have a great weekend! For those of you whose kiddos haven't started school yet...enjoy the last weekends before school starts!

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Jann said...

Dearest Angie....
I am so sorry that you worked hard...could not go to the reunion...but the dearest one brought you back such a favorable gift...LOL Wouldn't you know dear one....caca...I feel for you. Maybe you should plant something "special" in his brownies...and let him know just how grateful you really are...LOL (Just know that) Anyways my dear...settle that tummy...breathe in some of this fallish air...and know your a well loved person...:o)
Huggers for the mugger...just not toooo close...(comes prepared with paper bag)...(giggling) BIG hugs dear one...feel better