Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where are thou?

Well, it might seem that I have been lost. However, I have just been busy. Life does get in the way, and so does work. I am the assistant manager for the largest scrapbook store in the Northwest. (8000-square-feet) and it has kept me busy, busy, busy. At first it was getting the store set up and started. Then it was hiring, training and keeping staff. After that, it was making and updating store samples. (OH, and insert time for Copic Certification) Now I teach all the Copic classes for the store. Unfortunately, not a lot of creative time. All my blogging time seems to be spent on keeping up the store blog and Facebook, and after that...nothing left more me.

Besides that, my kids seen to keep growing up. But I think I need to put more emphasis on my creative endeavors. Either that, or just lose my mind. Too much stress and not enough creative time sure do make you feel old very quickly. So I am beginning the slow process of coming back. Check back soon for some photos of some of my Copic coloring and other projects.
Thanks for stopping in!

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WJ said...

YEAH!!! I'm glad to see you posting. I will stop by and see you really soon. {{hugs}} Wendy