Friday, January 30, 2009

Good grief!

Really!? Has it been THAT long since I have posted? Wow. Well, I am back again. We have had a busy couple of weeks. Lots of prayers and lots of busy-ness. Also, we celebrated DD's NINTH birthday. I just can't believe she is that old!!
Like everyone else, we are busy tightening our belts. That, and praying a LOT! DH is now graduated and looking for an accounting job. Hummm....and as everyone one is hiring. So we keep praying and looking. Looking and praying. God is working because we see it daily at the Gem House. We just praise Him for that!

Onward. Now I have some new photos to post. These two photos are of an album we gave as a gift. It was a 12x12 album filled with pages and places left for plenty of photos.

This photo is of the first layouts in the book. The whole book used green and brown cardstock. It also used patterned papers for My Mind's Eye Laundry Line line. In the photo, on the top left of the left page, I used slide mounts in a coordinating color. I hooked bias ribbon around them to make them an embellishment. (I stamped on the bias tape using a flourish stamp from Prickley Pear RS. It worked great AND I made my own coordinating ribbon!) Also, instead of putting photos in those little spaces inside the slide mounts, I stamped on cardstock using a tree background stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms. (I LOVE that stamp!! It can make inchies as well as backgrounds!)In this photo, I used the MME coordinating paper cut into squares. I also stamped some of the squares. This broke up the green and brown look of all those squares and added some variety. I again used the tree background stamp from CHF, but also used the lino background stamp from Prickley Pear!! I am terrible about journaling. I am an artist, not a writer. However, I understand the importance of journaling in scrapbooks. I just don't want much of my journaling seen on my page. I tend to make tags to slide behind photos. That way all my handwriting can't be seen. On the left page you can see the end of a tag sticking out behind the photo mat. I used the tree background stamp to stamp the front of the tag, helping it to fit the theme of the page.

Okay, Peeps, hope you are off to the start of an enjoyable weekend! I have to work the rest of the weekend...but many of you out there will be enjoying yourself and getting some rest to gear up for the next week. Check back next week as I have some exciting news and some new pictures to post!

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dk.denton said...

My daughter is student teaching in a first grade classroom. Each student gets to be the star for a week. It would be fun to make mini albums for each of them featuring what they say about themselves. These can be given to them at the end of the week or the end of the school year.