Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chess, Anyone??

Well Peeps...I have been busy, busy, busy. Yeah, I know that I keep telling you that. I have told you and told you that I am going to post new projects. Truthfully, I have been working on some, but boy, are they slow in coming. I have photos taken...some of a project I just submitted to a magazine, some of a gift I am going to give. I will post the photos of the gift, but want the "giftee" to receive it before it gets splashed all over cyberspace. So, here is a card that I did a while back for Prickley Pear. I love the black and white paper, and the chess piece!? Fab!!! I love the black/white contrast of this card. Nicole continues to knock my socks off with some of the rubba' she is putting out over there at Prickley Pear. Go on over and check it out!!!
However, let me tell you...I have been trying to find time to post more regularly. However, we have had some miserable days here at the Gem house. Yesterday was bad, bad, bad. Our online school provider was offline. We couldn't access our school curriculum. So the whole school day was pretty much a wash. I listened to my kiddos whine all day about having to "do" school. I don't know how many times I have had the "you need to accept summer is over" speech in the past two weeks. We seem to be slowly dragging ourselves into the school year.
However, I must admit the weather has been glorious here. My DD is back at soccer practice. She started last spring and loves it! I look at her out there on the field and think how much she resembles a gazelle. Long legs...running like lightning. Totally opposite of dear ole' mom. My son is getting ready to test for his yellow belt at tae kwon he is getting geared up. He will have the privilege of testing before a "Master" from Las Vegas. I know so little about TKD, but do realize it is quite a privilege for this to happen. However, being my six-year-old, lovable, down-to-earth boy, he was more concerned about whether Daddy was going to make it to testing to see him that whether Master Brandon was going to be at his particular test time. Guess that puts it all in perspective, huh?
Okay. Here are the deets about the card. Patterned Paper-The Paper Co., A Great Year. Stamped images: Lino block background print, congratulation stamp and chess piece. Chess piece is embossed with Ranger's Seafoam white embossing powder.
Well, Peeps. Hope you are enjoying each day as the week winds down. Be safe, have fun, enjoy life.

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Anonymous said...

WOWZER! This is gorgeous Angie!! :) Love the black and white! I made one today too!! How weird is that?!