Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, Baby!

Hi All! It was a busy weekend here at the Gem house. I worked late into the night on Saturday and then experienced yet ANOTHER night of insomnia. My mind wouldn't slow down and kept going and going. (I think my one brain cell was out looking for the other one.) Then yesterday (Sunday) I worked again and boy, were we busy at the scrapbook store. So busy, in fact, that at one time I wanted to crawl under the table, curl up and cry. ugh. I was mentally wiped out when I got home. (insert mental picture of blubbering idiot)

Today is another day, however. I have several things to do. I take my darling son to Tae Kwon Do and then will come home to have some Mommy time. I am going to scrapbook since I have approaching deadlines coming up. I have several projects to finish for my Design Team as well as a couple of things to wind up for magazine submissions, not to mention a couple of new projects in the works. My darling Hubby should return around 4 p.m. Today is actually his day off, but he goes every other Monday for a life-saving (no exaggeration here...) medical treatment. It's an all day thing...and our lives revolve around it. Someday I will explain. However, now on to the project I wanted to share.

This summer we had friends and family have a lot of babies born. Okay. Three. But when you wanted to do special albums for all of them...that is a LOT. This is one page from the album I did for our new niece. She is adorable. Some of the actual flowers are punched with my Whale of a Punch (Retro Flower) and some are punched with my Circle punch. Then on some of those circles, I cut them up. (The tulip on the left is a circle with the top cut off, and the flower next to it is a circle with wedges taken out.) I pop-dotted some of the flowers to give it a more dimensional look and drew in the stems with my archival safe marker. The photo mat was inserted so Elizabeth's mommy could add her own photo. I must tell you that the little dragonfly stamp on the bottom by the word "Amazing" is from Daisy Bucket. If you haven't checked out their products, hurry over to do that. You will find them online at

Okay. Precious time is a tickin' and I need to get a movin'!! Have a super smooth start to your week!

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Anonymous said...

What gorgeous flowers!! You are queen of these adorable books!! :)

P.S. Your package is on the way shortly!! :) Hope you enjoy!