Thursday, August 7, 2008

Something a bit different.

Well, I will probably post a couple more photos from that journal at a later date, but I will move on to something else. I have lost my creative momentum. It was left behind when I got bogged down with preparing for school (and the dozen boxes of curriculum that have arrived on my doorstep. That isn't even ALL of them. Some of the workbooks have been back-ordered until September!) and runnning errands. Hopefully, I will find my creativity again soon. It is probably hiding...or maybe if I would look it would be right where I left it. (Probably not though. One of my two kids could have moved it! hee-hee) Until then, I will drag out a photo of something created long ago. (okay...not that long ago, just not very recently.)

This card uses a couple of techniques I want to share. The first one is the grid pattern in the background. I acheived it by laying mesh over the card and then dabbing my ink pad across it. When the ink dried, I removed the mesh and it left the negative image. Cool, huh?? Also, the mat around the "photo" is stamped with distress ink on vellum. I found that you can do that, but it takes a LOOONNNNGGGGGG time to dry. The edges of the card are rubbed with versamark ink and then I added embossing powder. After the powder was applied, I rubbed some off with my lil' ole' finger, giving it a more worn look. And lastly, the photo really isn't a photo. I took one of those fabulous transparencies from Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps, scanned it, printed it out on my laser printer onto cardstock. Then I colored it with my PrismaColor pencils. It allowed me to match the colors of the paper and also gave it that black-and-white/aged look.

Well, Peeps. It is a hot one here in the desert of Idaho. I am taking the kiddos over to a friend's house to swim. They are excited, let me tell you!! They will come back cooler and happier. (And more TIRED!!!) Hope you have a cool day! Hold fast because your weekend is approaching. I know the time before school is slipping through our fingers like water! Enjoy every last minute.


Michelle ~ ~ said...

Angie, I love love love the journal. I know what you need to get your artsy mojo back ... a girls night out with me!!! I hope you get it soon. I love your stuff!! have a great weekend. And, don't sweat some of the stuff. I promise you it does and will all get done.

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous! So beautiful!! I hate waiting for things to dry also!! :)